News: MadWorld Doesn't Run In 480p

IGN's Matt Casamassina has noticed that his copy of the vibrant and gory MadWorld doesn't support 480p (progressive scan).

In his IGN blog, Matt Casamassina commented that while capturing some MadWorld videos, the game was displaying at 480i, not the expected 480p (EDTV/progressive scan). "But to be fair, it still looks so damned good that I didn't notice." says Matt, urging people to still buy the game.

Matt's copy isn't the version that will hit retail, but there's a chance the game will remain without progressive scan, given the fact that it's out in less than a month. Obviously the only Wii users affected by this are the ones that use component cables, VGA cables with a monitor (in which case the game will be unplayable, since VGA cables require 480p to work), and those with a screen the size of a lorry who will actually notice much of a difference.

We've contacted SEGA for a statement and will keep you updated on any developments.

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