News: Medal Of Honor Cubed!

Rumours have hit the net that there might be a possibility that EA will release Medal of Honor on the GameCube. * Update: We have confirmed the rumour ! *

Gaming-Age claims that sources close to them have confirmed that the publishing giant plans to release Medal of Honor: Frontline on both the Xbox and GameCube this fall.

I have contact EA Europe, and the deny this to be true. Then again... They also denied that Need for Speed would be coming to the GameCube.

I guess we will find out at the E3 Expo whether the game will be released on the GameCube or not... We can only hope!


EA has confirmed that Medal of Honor is coming to the Cube! No definitive details have been released regarding the game's features or whether it will be improved over the PlayStation 2 version of the game. A release date has also not been determined.

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