News: MotionPlus Confirmed For Conduit 2

The FPS sequel is confirmed to support Nintendo's motion control-enhancing device...

High Voltage Software's most prolific franchise The Conduit is one that has built itself on precise first-person controls. It looks like the same attention is being given to the sequel, as Sega has confirmed that Conduit 2 will support MotionPlus.

The publisher states that MotionPlus will enable players to enjoy "precision control and better tracking" in the aiming. It hasn't yet been confirmed whether MotionPlus will come in handy in any other aspects of the game. The developers over at High Voltage Software had previously voiced their intentions to add MotionPlus support to the original, but later stated that the device "didn't bring that much to the table" for what the team were aiming for.

Conduit 2 will be showcased at the E3 convention next week, and is due to launch in Autumn 2010.

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