News: Namco fully on board!

Any doubts about Namcos commitment to Nintendo have been squashed today with offical confirmation of the rumoured co-developed Starfox game (along with a poster for it) and news on other titles!

Confirmation came today that Namco and Nintendo are co-developing a Starfox flying-shooter for both Gamecube and the arcade TRIFORCE board. Proof? Here ya go...

As well as this, it appears that Nintendo will be publishing all Namco of Japan games on GBA and Gamecube from October this year on. Namco plan to release 6 games on Gamecube by the end of next year, these are:

"New Mr. Driller" (working title) - November, 2002
"Soul Calibur II" (working title) - January, 2003
3D Racing Game (title TBA) - March, 2003
"Star Fox" (working title) - April, 2003
Tales RPG (title TBA) - July, 2003
New RPG (title TBA) - December, 2003

A further 8 games are planned for release on GBA by the end of this year, including Klonoa titles and a Mr Driller game that will link-up with the Gamecube version. Nintendo are sure strengthening 3rd-party support for their systems!

Source: Nintendojo

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