Ace Attorney Investigations 2

News: New Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Details

New details have emerged about Ace Attorney Investigations 2's plot.

Capcom's Phoenix Wright spin-off Ace Attorney Investigations 2 once again sees Miles Edgeworth as the central character and this time he finds himself in an undesirable location. WARNING: The rest of this article contains spoilers for the game.

Andriasang report that the game's first chapter sees Miles called to a murder scene to investigate the murder of President Outeikun. The area is closed off as the murderer is still in the vicinity. Miles will question the people present and during this you will meet a variety of colourful characters, including a mysterious ice cream salesman, a nosey reporter and one of President Outeikun's guards who does not wish to co-operate with Miles.

The title features a new Logic Chess mode during which you can bombard uncooperative witnesses with questions in the hopes of getting them to co-operate. The mode has nothing to do with chess but the witness does have a chess piece. During your questioning you must pay attention to their responses and reactions and if something seems suspicious you can press them on the issue. If you are correct you will destroy their chess piece.

The next chapter sees Miles and Kay Faraday in a prison investigating something else. While there the duo meet Yumihiko Ichiyanagi, who prefers to be called Ichiryu, and he desires to be number one in all things that he does. Miles will also meet a mysterious new judge called Hakari Mikagami, who is part of the "Prosecutor Investigation Committee". This committee consists of 11 members, all selected by politicians and legal officials, who examine the work of prosecutors to ensure they are fit to do the job.

Some brief videos of some of the new characters can be seen on the official website. Additionally screens can be found in the screenshot gallery.

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