News: New Super Mario Bros. - Almost 20m Sold

The portly plumber's 2D DS outing edges towards another milestone. That and other big Nintendo sellers inside...

As Nintendo released their sales data for the first half of their current fiscal year, the company also disclosed worldwide numbers for some of their most successful titles to date.

It seems the world just can't get enough of Mario games, as three of the mascot's games have phenomenally sold upwards of 15 million units. As of the end of September 2009, Mario Kart DS has sold just over 16 million copies worldwide, while its younger brother Mario Kart Wii just tops it at over 18.3 million. The 2006 DS title New Super Mario Bros. outshines even these, though, standing at a shy over 19.9 million units sold.

Other major Nintendo sellers include Wii Fit at 22.5 million, Wii Play at nearly 25 million and Pokémon Platinum at almost 6.4 million. Success has also blessed some of the company's recent titles, with Wii Sports: Resort whiskers away from 7 million (and still going strong), and thanks to a Western release, Professor Layton and Pandora's Box has bolted past 1.25 million.

With New Super Mario Bros. Wii launching later this month, one can only predict continued commercial prosperity for Nintendo titles.

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