News: Nicalis Licensed for Wii U Development

The independent studio responsible for some quality WiiWare output becomes an official Wii U developer...

Having recently re-launched its official website, independent studio Nicalis has also updated its About Us section, seemingly confirming their new status as an official Wii U developer. The section describes the company as "licensed on most major platforms like Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP, iOS, OS X, Android and most everything else in between".

Nicalis is best known for releasing the critically acclaimed WiiWare version of Pixel's cult-hit Cave Story, as well as handling a DSiWare port (which hits Europe at the end of the year) and a 3DS remake (due out in November).

Nicalis is also handling a forthcoming WiiWare release of platformer La-Mulana. Its internally-developed ambient physics-puzzler NightSky was originally revealed as another WiiWare title, but is yet to materialise on Nintendo's service, instead releasing on Windows first.

We don't know what kind of download service Nintendo is preparing for Wii U, but if the likes of Nicalis are on board, we can only expect quality things.

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