News: Nintendo breaking records!

New details have arrised on Gamecubes recent launch over here, and believe me, records have been broken.

We recently reported that 75,000 Gamecubes were sold in the UK in the first 2 days. This gives Gamecube the best-selling launch ever in the UK.

Though figures for Europe as a whole haven't been announced, it is thought that nearly all of the 500,000 consoles allotted have been sold, which would make it the best-selling launch in Europe ever .

Also, for the first time ever, a 3rd-party game has been the best-selling for a console on its launch. Namely, Rogue Leader. Then and Sonic Adventure 2 followed Luigis Mansion, Super Monkey Ball. These games took up positions 2-5 on the All-Format chart. Wave Race also made it in at no. 11.

Keely Brenner, senior brand manager LucasArts says, "We are delighted with the news, it is a piece of gaming history. Rogue Leader is a superb game, showcased beautifully by the GameCube's graphic capabilities. At the end of the day gamers wanted to play the movie and with this game you can.".

Promising news indeed!

Source: Planet Gamecube, Nintendojo

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