News: Nintendo press-conference

A press conference was held in Tokyo a short while ago, with Shigeru Miyamoto announcing that no more images of Zelda GameCube be revealed before the next E3 in May. The creator of Mario also stated that it will be vital to play Zelda Gamecube to truly appreciate the game, and Miyamoto does not wish anymore prejudgements on the title before E3. ''A game should not be judged only on its appearance (graphics), it should be played before drawing conclusions,'' he ranted to a group of Zelda-thirsty reporters. ''Zelda Gamecube is still Cel-shaded,'' he continued. In addition, Shigeru confirmed rumours that the design of Link's eyes will be slightly altered. A playable version of Zelda Gamecube should meet with acclaim at E3 2002. We anticipate this game to hit European stores in December.

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