News: Rayman 3 Connectivity

Ubi Soft announce a surprisingly robust list of connectivity features for Rayman 3 on the GameCube and GBA.

Firstly, completion of the GameCube game will unlock a new "final challenge" that can be downloaded to the GBA, but that's nothing new.

Proving slightly more promising is the ability to download up to 10 new maps onto your GBA from the GC disk.

But the best news is the multiplayer options. The player using the GameCube with control Rayman as he races along a track. The twist is that the second player will be on the GBA, moving Tetris-like pieces into place to form the track. the two must work together to avoid falling off and slowing themselves down too much.

Of course a 4 player option with teams of two is also possible, which has the potential to be very fun indeed. Well done Ubi Soft.

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