News: Sakurai Talks Brawl Sequel

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai airs his thoughts on the possibility that Brawl may not be the last in the series after all...

More information has been revealed from Sakurai's interview in the new issue of ONM magazine - in which we recently reported his comments on how Brawl's character roster had originally been bigger.

Sakurai has in the past confirmed that Brawl would probably be the last in the Smash Bros. series for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that he has now commented on how many ideas for the game had to be limited to release it on time:

"It's taken over three years to make Brawl but I actually stopped trying to include new ideas early on in development.

"What happened in the next year and a half was that we distilled the game down, worked out which ideas we had time to include and which we didn't. Sadly, we had to trim out many great concepts just to keep within the time constraints. I had a lot more characters, for example� but sadly I can't discuss which ones didn't make it.

"There are 39 characters in the game this time around and just adding a few more wouldn't be enough to justify a new game in my opinion; I'd have to draw a line in the sand and have a new approach to make it worthwhile. As long as the fans enjoy it, though, that's what matters and in the distant future, I guess that might be something I have to consider."

Could we really see a Brawl sequel? With the development time so long, N-Europe thinks we're likely to - but only for the Wii 2.

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