News: Sega Still Pledging 'Core' Wii Games

More traditional, 'core' games to come from Sega, but perhaps not so much in the way of "super-hardcore"...

Sega was a particular champion last year for many Wii owners, defying tradition by releasing a range of more 'adult-oriented' software on the system, including MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill.

Speaking to CVG, European-based Sega exec Mike Hayes discussed the possibilities of gamers seeing more MadWorld in the future.

"It's something we've looked at and it's something we constantly talk about. But there are no firm things to discuss on that at the moment."

Of course, it is Japanese developer Platinum Games who are responsible for crafting MadWorld on Wii. Ultimately, it will likely be up to them whether the franchise is to return in the future.

Hayes also discussed the wider topic of so-called 'core' software on Wii. With the publisher's trio of MadWorld, The Conduit and Overkill performing admirably, but not breathtakingly on Wii, he was asked if Sega was to reduce their presence in that area.

"No, not at all - you'll see that at E3. One of the things is whether they're super-mature - that's a different thing. But the Wii market is huge. Going for the super-hardcore? Probably, the answer is not. But do we think there are edgy games we can bring out on Wii? Yes."

So it would seem to be a little optimistic to wish for another ultra-violent outing in the vein of MadWorld any time soon. However, what could Sega possibly have to show off at E3? The Conduit 2, perhaps, or something completely new?

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