News: Smash Bros. Brawl Music Update

Head inside for the latest news for Brawl: Music options and two new pieces of music...

Not one, but three updates today. Some music options and two new pieces of music.

There will be multiple tracks from each franchise, and when playing on a level it'll pick a random track from that franchise to play while you fight. In the options, you can set the likelihood of each individual track for each stage - so you can select one song for each stage if you don't like random selections. You can also find CDs dotted about the stages to unlock new tracks.

The screenshots reveal 8 new tracks. From The Legend of Zelda series we have Title (LoZ), Min Theme (LoZ), The Dark World and The Hidden Mountain & Forests; while on Mario's side we have Delfino Plaza, Castle Music/Fortress Boss, Ending/Title Theme (Super Mario World), Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros)

Music: Pokémon Stadium/Evolution

A mixture of the gym theme and the evolution music. Composed by Junichi Masuda (Mario & Wario) and Kenichi Okuma (Melty Lancer).

Music: Main Theme

You've heard this before, in the first trailer. This song will be the main theme for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and will be heard throughout the game. It was worked on by Masahiro Sakurai (Smash Bros, Kirby), Taro Yamashita (Final Fantasy VIII), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Shogo Sakai (Kirby's Air Ride), Taizo Takemoto (Super Smash Bros. Melee), Oriko Takahashi and Ken Nishikiori.

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