News: Smash Bros. Brawl Site Updated

Find out the skinny on two more characters inside. Wario Wafts at the ready!

Carrying on the site's regular updates, the official Super Smash Bros. website has updated with the character profiles of Zero-Suit Samus and Wario. The site reveals that Zero-Suit Samus will actually only appear under certain conditions - possibly how Zelda transformed to Sheik in Melee. That means you will be able to play as Samus in her usual guise. And without her suit, Samus will lose power and stamina, but gain speed, while her gun transforms into a whip.

Wario in Brawl will certainly be the Wario gamers will know from the WarioWare series in appearance. "In trying to embody the flavor of the original game, we've aimed to give him some rather...excessive movements... The flatulence you saw in the movie is a fantastic move we're tentatively calling the Wario Waft. The more time passes, the more Wario's gas builds up..."

Genius! And apparently next week the site will be updated with details on Solid Snake. Check out the site for yourself here.

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