News: Smash Bros Music Update

Sakurai has given us a total of three pieces of music today. Listen to them inside...

As mentioned in a previous update, there will be multiple tunes for each franchise in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Today's update gives us the first WarioWare music, complete with vocals.

WarioWare: Ashley's Theme (1:00)Composition Supervisor: Masaru Tajima Arrangement Supervisor: Tomoko Sasaki Vocals: Emily McIntosh, Terry Lauber, James Cowan

Nintendo have also recorded a Japanese version of the theme. However, it is currently unknown if the Japanese version will be selectable in other regions.

WarioWare: Ashley's Theme (Japanese Version) (1:00)

On top of this, the Smash Bros. Dojo also gives us more information on Kirby's final smash - his cooking ability seen in the very first trailer. Linked to this final smash is the following music:

DS Cooking Navi: Main Theme (0:56)

The music is from Shaberu! DS Oryouri Navi, which is also known as DS Cooking Navi. It is a interactive cook book that never made it outside Japan.

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