News: Smash Bros. Revolution Development Details

Super Smash Bros. Revolution director Masahiro Sakurai has been speaking to Famitsu about how work on the much-anticipated title is going. Read his comments inside!

Sakurai has revealed that development on the project has only recently started - since May this year, the game's development staff consisted of exactly one person, Sakurai himself, when he was asked by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata himself to direct the title.

Since then, the Big N has roped in help from an un-named studio to aid in the development of the title. "Shigeru Miyamoto introduced me to a 'particular company' that had just finished development of a major game," Sakurai said. Apparently the executives of this company didn't offer too much resistance in signing up when Sakurai spoke with them about the project.

Although the studio's identity is a secret, Sakurai commented that the analogue sticks on the studio's GameCube controllers had faded away like an eraser from thousands of games of Smash Brothers DX!

It appears a brand new Nintendo office has been created especially for this game. Nintendo had Sakurai, who resides in Tokyo, hunts for an Tokyo office to house the entire development staff. The new Nintendo office opened its doors at the beginning of October - possibly part of the reason why it's taken this long to get the game fully in development. And now it is, Sakurai wants a large development team "to make a Smash Bros. DX class game, you'd want at the least something on the scale of 50 people." It's these extra people Revo-Europe recently reported were being hired.

Nintendo's HAL Lab development studio have given the new studio full access to the development materials and tools from the development of Smash Bros. Melee. While creating a new studio for this one game may seem excessive, Sakurai says he isn't suprised at the decision, adding that it merely indicates how much is expected from the title.

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