News: Smash Bros Revolution Director Confirmed

Smash Bros veteran Masahiro Sakurai will direct the upcoming Revolution incarnation of the wildly popular Nintendo beat-em-up.

Despite Masahiro Sakurai leaving Nintendo to start his own company, Sora, it has been revealed he will be serving as director and game designer on Super Smash Bros Revolution.

Credit by many as the designer responsible for the Super Smash Bros. series in the first place, he worked closely on both N64 and GameCube versions. He's also worked on the Kirby series and the addictive DS puzzler Meteos.

Apparently on leaving Nintendo's HAL Labs two years ago, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told him he might be contacted if there was a further sequel to Smash Bros. However, when the game was revealed by Iwata back at E3 in May, he had no knowledge the title was even in production. Called to Iwata's office, it was revealed to him that the Nintendo president wanted him to be back and involved in the game's production, if possible as the game's director.

According to Sakurai, the title only began production after E3, though the game is still expected to be a Revolution launch title. More as we get it.

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