News: Smash Bros Subspace Enemies Revealed

Today's update shows us some of the enemies that you will be up against in the single player adventure...

Today's Smash Bros Dojo update shows off some unique - and one familiar - enemies for the single player mode, Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emissary.


A motorised unicycle. They ride around in packs and are both fast and powerful.


Some dude with sweets and presents tucked down his oversized trousers. These cowards will run when they see you.


A mixture of Star Trek's Tribbles and Pokéballs. These things multiply at an alarming rate, so take them out quickly.


A odd creature with trowel-like arms. It will try to lift you up and fly off you.


A thing made out of some kind of fog and has massive blades for hands. Try to guess it's weakpoint (sorry, no Massive Damage joke here).


These bird creatures will dive-bomb you. If one gets stuck in the ground, you can pick it up and use it yourself.


A slime monster in an oversized cauldron with massive sickles. Bop it on it's head quickly.

The R.O.B. Squad

The trusty NES companion is now evil. As well as operating subspace bombs, they can also shoot beams or missiles.

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