News: Smash Dojo!! Blog Updated

Masahiro Sakurai thanks Europeans for their patience and provides us with more of your screenshots.

The Smash Bros. development blog which informed the internet of all things Brawl in the run up to the game's release in Japan now stands as the perfect guide to the game's characters, stages and unlockables.

The site has seen its first one-off update since regular posts ended last year - a message from site creator and Smash Bros. Brawl's Director Masahiro Sakurai welcoming European gamers to the Brawl:

"The European version of Smash Bros. Brawl is finally out! To everyone in Europe: I'm sorry you had to wait this long.

"You can choose between five languages. Have fun!

"Additionally, to commemorate the release of the European version of the game, 'Snapshots Galore' is back for the third time!"

Indeed, you can check out the latest screenshot gallery here:

"What leak?!"

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