News: Snake's Special Brawl Moves

The Smash Bros. Dojo has released more details on Solid Snake. Find them out inside...

We've known that Snake is going to be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl since the end of the very first trailer. Now they have given us some details on his in-game moves.

It seems that he won't be doing a lot of punching and kicking. Instead, Snake uses a lot of military equipment for both his smash attacks and special attacks. His smash attacks will consist of items such as claymore mines, a bazooka and a mortar. His special moves are:

Side Special Move: Remote Missile Or the Nikita as it's called in the Metal Gear Solid games. You can fly this missile around at will, however doing so leaves Snake vulnerable to attack. The shield button cancels the missile.

Standard Special Move: Hand Grenade Tap the special move button out to whip the grenade out and pull the pin. Tap it again to throw it - but hurry, it'll blow in a few seconds. You can alter the distance of your grenade by tilting the control stick (or not at all).

Up Special Move: Cypher A flying surveillance camera from Metal Gear Solid 2. Snake uses this to get himself back on the stage.

The screenshots also show off Snake's cardboard box, which is likely his Down Special Move.

Metal Gear Solid: MGS4 Love Theme (Smash Bros. Brawl Version) (1:31)Composition Supervisor: Nobuko Toda Arrangement Supervisor: Akihiro Honda

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