News: Speed Racer Heads To Wii, DS

The Wachowski brothers' latest project heads to Wii and DS...

Warner Bros. Interactive have announced Speed Racer for Wii, DS and PS2.

Speed Racer will be based on the film of the same name (written and directed by the Wachowski brothers), which itself is based on an English adaptation of the 1960s Japanese anime Mach Go Go Go. The film follows driver Speed in his quest for glory on and off the track in his thundering Mach 5, and keeps many characters from the show including Speed's family and his mysterious arch-rival, Racer X.

The game itself is an "action-packed" racing game, and allows you get behind the wheels of each character's signature vehicles and experience the "car-fu style" of the film. John Gaeta (known for his visual effects in The Matrix) will be working close with the developers to make the game look similar in style to the movie.

The Wii and DS versions of the game will be released to coincide with the film (scheduled for May 2008), while the PS2 version will be released at a later date, to coincide with the DVD release.

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