News: Starsky and Hutch

Interesting details about the game based on the 70s TV show.

A few intruiging details have been released about Empire Interactive's Starsky and Hutch game.

In order to keep the action flowing and make sure you stay right on the edge of your seat, a VR (viewer rating) meter has been added that falls if you begin to bore the audience, but can be regenerated through stunts and various other methods of wreckless driving.

On top of this, in an attempt to capture the partnership feeling of the show, you can hand your friend a pad (with light gun support on the PS2). This allows one of you to drive whilst the other blasts away at the bad guys. How well this works remains to be seen, but it's certainly a nice idea. And now for the usual feature list...

  • Based on the successful 1970's TV show.
  • 15 square miles with over 150 miles of road of Bay City to explore.
  • Advance real-time car and environmental physics.
  • A host of vehicles to unlock and six weapons to wield against the perps.
  • Voice over from Antonio Fargas, the ultra cool Huggy Bear.
  • 18 episodes (levels) spread over three series.
  • Unlockable extras in every episode to maximise the replayability.

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