News: Starsky & Hutch

Empire Interactive today announced that it has signed an extension to its licensing agreement with Sony to bring the Starsky & Hutch game to the GameCube.

"We are excited to extend our agreement with the Starsky & Hutch property and these new versions will make a strong addition to our 2003 release schedule," commented Ian Higgins, CEO Empire Interactive. "Starsky & Hutch is a fantastic property with huge awareness around the globe and now we will be able to bring the interactive Starsky & Hutch� experience to many more gamers."

"We're very pleased to be expanding our licensing deal with Empire Interactive for the Starsky & Hutch property," said Al Ovadia, Executive Vice President, Sony Pictures Consumer Products. "Empire has the creativity, passion and keen ability to capture the essence of the Starsky & Hutch property in to their product lines and these new platforms will further the property's global appeal and market penetration."

We will keep you updated as the release of the game draws nearer!

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