News: Super Mario Bros. Back On DS This Summer

More details and a rough European release date on this new old-school title set to excite new and old fans of Nintendo!

Mario is not only back for an all new adventure, but he is also rediscovering his roots in the first side-scrolling Super Mario Bros adventure since Super Mario World. Fans of all ages will get to experience the perfect fusion of old and new as New Super Mario Bros. launches across Europe for the Nintendo DS in early summer 2006.

All Mario fans have fond memories of the franchise's original 2D roots. Now some 20 years after the world was first wowed by a small moustached plumber, our hero is returning in an all-new platform adventure. New Super Mario Bros. is an entirely new adventure, in which our heroes must once again travel across the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from the scaly clutches of Bowser and his minions.

The title features huge vivid 2D worlds inspired by those from the classic Mario adventures, but combined with beautifully rendered 3D characters which almost seem to jump out of the screen. Each world has a different theme and features multiple levels, which must be completed before progressing to the next one. Players must also master each world's mini fortress and beat a boss character before they can progress onto the next world. Only after defeating all of the bosses will a character be ready to take on the ultimate challenge of Bowser himself.

The Mario brothers have a few new tricks up their sleeves since their last side-scrolling adventure, utilising some all-new abilities to help them through this latest adventure. As well as the classic moves, they can add a spring to their step with three new jumps. To reach high ledges they can perform a triple jump or bounce off a nearby wall thanks to the handy wall jump ability. Our heroes can even get a small height boost by bouncing off the heads of conveniently placed enemies.

During the course of a level, our heroes can use a little artificial stimulation to really tip the balance in their favour. Some of the most popular power-ups from classic Mario are back, allowing players to use Mushrooms to grow, Fireflowers to fry their enemies and the elusive Starman to become invincible. However, the fun doesn't stop there, with a host of all new power-ups available including a mushroom that makes the player as big as the screen and one that can shrink them to the size of a mouse!

All this fun is too good not to share. Thanks to a host of multiplayer options players can enjoy the adventures with up to four players. Two players can battle it out wirelessly as they compete to collect stars on specially designed stages. In this mode the game continues until one Mario brother reaches the star limit for the stage. Up to four players can also take part in a selection of touch-screen mini-games with only one game cartridge thanks to DS Download Play.

Whether you are a fan of the old school Mario adventures, or just enjoy a good platform game you will fall in love with this instant classic. New Super Mario Bros. launches across Europe on the Nintendo DS in early summer 2006 for the estimated retail price of around �30.

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