News: The Conduit 2 Confirmed

Bigger, bolder and better? Nintendo Power spills the first details on the sequel to The Conduit...

A sequel to The Conduit is well on the way. That's the main news from the latest Nintendo Power, but it was also delivered with a mass slew of info.

It looks like High Voltage are taking well into consideration many of the criticisms of the first game. The team promise they're doing more with level and gameplay design, with the game featuring large vistas and multi-tiered areas. The Conduit 2 will also be seemingly embracing the sci-fi element even more.

The game starts where the original left off, with Agent Ford finding himself on a huge oil derrick in the middle of a torrential downpour. This opening will feature battles with massive sea monsters, as well as the human and alien occupants of the rig. The developer promises many "wow moments" in the game, much like these battles with leviathans.

There will be a much more varied range of locations to fight through in the game. As well as the return of Washington D.C., The Conduit 2 will also see players in Siberia, Agartha and Atlantis, with the latter seemingly playing a major part in the story. The A.S.E. device will be making a return too, with a new scanning incentive to make uncovering the back-story on the game more akin to the Metroid Prime games.

Finally, on the subject of multi-player, split-screen is in, as well as a return for online deathmatches - staying at 12-players. There is also a new co-op 'Invasion Mode', details of which are sketchy, but we do know it supports four players and can be played on and offline.

You can head over to the forums to check out the first scans of The Conduit 2.

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