News: Where is Rodea the Sky Soldier?

Yuji Naka stated last year that the game is now complete so why have we not heard anything about a release?

We reported way back in September 2011 that Yuji Naka's new flight based game had been complete for 'quite some time' so why have we still heard nothing about the title?

In the September interview, Naka stated that the game "has been finished for awhile now" and that it was "up to Kadokawa Games to decide on the release strategy" but half a year later there has still been no news regarding the release from Kadokawa Games.

It seems that even Yuji Naka, head developer of the game, has no idea what is going on. The game was (is?) set to release on Wii and 3DS but when a fan asked about the game's status, they were told that Naka will have to reach out to Kadokawa for more information as it is not clear what is happening with the title.

The game features a unique flight mechanic that sees the player fly in arches towards selected objects, a design that was inspired by the 3D flight sections featured in Nights: Journey Of Dreams.

Stay tuned for more on Rodea the Sky Soldier as it breaks. Do you hope to see the game get a release date soon? Do you think it will release at all? Let us know your thoughts in the forums!

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