News: WiiWare Pay & Play Goes Live

Prepare to start spending those Wii Points on extra content!

The recent Japanese release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King has seen gamers warned prior to download that extra costs may be charged for "additional data or service". Microtransactions, offering additional costumes, dungeons, and races (Yukes, Selkies, and Lilties) are available for 100-300 extra Wii Points.

The title is among three (also including Lonpos and Mojipittan that have extra content available for a fee.

Click here to see a picture of the Pay & Play screen which is displayed before the download of Final Fantasy, courtesy of Kotaku.

Stick with N-Europe for more as the Japanese WiiWare launch continues to roll out, and as we hurtle towards Europe's May release date.

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