News: Yuji Naka Done on Wii, Waiting For Wii U

The head of Prope confirms he's wrapped up Wii development, but isn't working on Wii U just yet...

Yuji Naka has stated in an interview with Siliconera that he is very much interested in working on Wii U, but concedes that he does not yet have a development kit for the new system.

The former Sonic Team chief was quite honest about his current position with the platform.

"I don't have a development kit right now. [Laughs.] Please ask Nintendo to send me one! Or maybe Bandai Namco Games can send me one. I would really like a chance to play with that hardware. Right now there probably aren't many development kits."

Although he may not be busy on Wii U yet, Naka has put plenty of work into Wii. His current studio, Prope, was responsible for the inventive and probably under-appreciated Let's Tap and Ivy the Kiwi?. Although their latest Wii titles - Rodea the Sky Soldier and Fishing Resort - are not out yet, Naka confirmed that they would be his last Wii titles, adding that he hopes people play them.

Neither Rodea or Fishing Resort have confirmed releases in Europe as of yet.

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