Nintendo Switch Sports Golf Update Available Now

We mentioned last week that Golf was on the way and now it’s finally here – with a brand new trailer to boot.

The trailer showcases all of the sports on offer, as well as the newly added Golf.

Here are the highlights of the latest update:

- Golf has been added. It can be enjoyed in all modes: Play Globally, Play Locally and Play with Friends.

-Shot Assist mode has been added to Golf to make it easier for beginners to play. This setting only applies to Play Locally and Play with Friends. If you have Shot Assist mode on, your settings will return to Normal in Play Globally mode.

-Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay.

-LAN play is now compatible via a USB LAN Adapter. Up to 12 Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected together for the ultimate sporting event! The number of participants able to play simultaneously depends on the sport.

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