Pac-Man 99 Ceases To Exist This October

Following on from the success of similar Nintendo Switch Online titles such as Tetris 99 and Super Mario 35 (RIP), Namco and Nintendo joined forces for another classic title with an online twist in April 2021, Pac-Man 99.

Pac-Man 99 follows similar gameplay as the original arcade game but also sees you duking it out against 98 other Pac-People, with power ups and ghosts galore! It’s up to you to be the last one standing and get crowned champion. At least it was, until now.

This free title with Nintendo Switch Online is sadly set to cease operations this October, though optional extra content that could be purchased in-game, including a version of the game that can be played offline, will still be available after online services for the title have finished.

Nintendo gave no reasoning for the discontinuation of the game, but it could be a number of factors. For one, the game never quite saw the heights of popularity shared by its aforementioned contemporaries Tetris 99 and Mario 35. It also may succumb to the woes of licensing issues due to it being a joint venture with Namco.

Whatever the reason is for the discontinuation, if you are a fan of playing online, make sure you get in as many matches as you can before Pac-Man chomps his last pellet this October.

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