Pikmin 4 Rubber Cutout Keyring Added to My Nintendo Rewards!

Grab some Pikmin 4 keyrings from the My Nintendo Store for free by redeeming your Platinum points!

Three Pikmin keyrings have been added to the store, pictured above. As always, if you want them you’d better act quick, as nothing seems to stay in stock for long on the My Nintendo Rewards page!

The keyrings costs 250 Platinum Points each! These three keyrings arrive just days after another new addition featuring Princess Peach, which we reported on here.

Check out all of the specifications for the new Pikmin items below, as well as a description on how to earn Platinum Points:

Pluck a Pikmin for your pocket or your purse with this Pikmin 4 Rubber Cutout Keyring!

Product features:

  • Made out of flexible material

  • Includes a small metal chain for use with your keys, backpack, purse, jacket, wallet or other accessories


  • Size: approx. 6.3 x 4.2cm

  • Materials: ATBC-PVC, stainless steel

This is a limited offer and only available as a My Nintendo reward!

Free with Platinum Points

You can only purchase this item by spending your Platinum Points, which are earnt from using the My Nintendo Rewards programme.

My Nintendo Rewards programme

You can earn points in all sorts of ways, from using apps on your smart device to purchasing software, or even simply signing in to Nintendo services such as Nintendo eShop!

Platinum Points

These points are earned by using various services and can be redeemed for any reward that requires Platinum Points. Points are valid for a different length of time depending on what kind of points they are. When you redeem points for rewards, the points closest to expiring will automatically be used up first.


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