Pikmin Sales "Pik" Up In Japan

While Smash Brothers DX sits comfortably in top spot, Pikmin is gaining sales and could be heading towards top spot with 102,902 units sold in the two-week period between 24/12 and 6/1.

The 'pik' up (ok, I'll stop now, before I get sacked) in Pikmin sales can linked to the increasing Gamecube units being sold, therefore more games are being purchased. But on a stranger side, the sales of a CD could be contributing to Pikmin units being sold.

The Pikmin music CD features Ai no Uta. Ai no Uta is the song used in the Pikmin commercials in Japan, and is one of the hottest singles at the current time.

Famitsu, a Japanese videogame magazine, has interviewed the Japanese public and many say that they bought Pikmin when they heard the catchy tunes on the Pikmin CD.

With the release of the CD, Pikmin's sales grew with the CD's popularity.

It doesn't seem to be just a coincidence. The music on the CD seems to be having quite a positive effect on Gamecube sales.
There are currently ads screening in Japan for the Pikmin CD, which feature screenshots and video footage of the Pikmin game. The CD seems to be doing a good job of advertising the Pikmin game throughout Japan.

Source: IGN Cube

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