Play EA SPORTS FC 24 For Free with Nintendo Switch Online

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online can enjoy this months free title from today, February 15th!

EA Sports FC 24, the modern version of Fifa, is free to play until February 21st.

As with other Game Trials, if you have yet to try Nintendo Switch Online you can enjoy a 7 day free trial.

We covered EA Sports FC 24 when it first came out and were impressed that, for once, the Nintendo Switch version of an EA football title enjoyed parity with other consoles! You can check out the whole post here or check out the snippet below:

EA have finally put the time and effort necessary into the Nintendo Switch to get the Frostbite Engine running, and to get EA Sports FC 24 performing well, to ensure parity on the Switch with other consoles.

Switch owners can enjoy an expanded Ultimate Team mode, as well as many other features previously removed from the Nintendo outing, so now the only real difference between versions will be the poly-count and textures seen in-game.

EA were also keen to ensure players that the game runs at a steady 30fps and runs at the maximum resolutions the Switch can offer, 720p in handheld and 1080p docked.

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