Pokémon Concierge Netflix Trailer

A new trailer has landed for the stop-motion TV series heading to Netflix, Pokémon Concierge.

The story focuses on main character Haru, who will attend to a bunch of different people and Pokémon during her job as a concierge.

Season 1 is heading to Netflix on December 28th!

"I'm happy when you're happy."

Set at a resort for Pokémon on a southern island, this is the story of a new concierge named Haru, who gradually discovers herself as she and her fellow staff members scramble to attend to the various Pokémon guests.

Director: Iku Ogawa

Written by: Harumi Doki

Concept Art/Character Design: Tadahiro Uesugi

Production by: dwarf studios

Theme Song: "Have a Good Time Here" by Mariya Takeuchi

Starts streaming from Thursday, December 28th!

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