Rumor: Rare going multiformat?

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Rare have been bought out by Activision.

Gossip about Rare's future kicked off in December with a Christmas card they sent out to members of the games industry that hinted at a multi-format future for the developers.

Until now, Rare have coded games exclsuively for Nintendo. With their titles including classics such as GoldenEye, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64, they are generally regarded as one of the best - if not the best - games development company in the world. decided to give their opinion on this matter. This is what they said:

How could this happen? One school of thought suggests that, in the event of any buyout, Rare's motivating factor might be that GameCube is Nintendo's last piece of under-the-TV hardware, with the developer wishing to establish itself across all formats. Hot air? Maybe; maybe not.

If the rumours prove true, it now seems increasingly likely that Rare's titles will now go multiformat. In fact, a PS2 version of Star Fox Adventures has been rumoured for some time.

People are forgeting one thing here! Starfox franchise is owned 100% by Nintendo, therefore seeing that character on PS2 is laughable if not virtually impossible!

Whether this supposed new multiformat rumor will turn into reality remains to be seen.

More news on this story as we get it.

Thanks to Wolfhound for writing up part of this story!

Staff Opinions:

Why are people buying this nonsense!? Activision buying Rare... give me a break. If this is true, Rareware can kiss bye bye to the Starfox franchise and of course Donkey Kong! Simply being-Because Nintendo won't be happy, after all Nintendo own them. Rare will probably now soon release an official statement regarding this matter. Just wait and see... Rare is not going anywhere. I rest my case.

Yaawwn I just got up and now I have to give my opinion on an article like this. Believe me, Rare won't be going multi-format. It's very easy to spread a rumour on the Internet, especially about subjects like these. Nintendo will probably launch a new system after the GameCube, so that argument is based on zero. Also, Rare means way too much for Nintendo to just let 'em go. Let's wait till we actually here the official statements from either Nintendo or Rare.

I can't believe that CVG have been suckered into this. I used to respect those guys! After all Nintendo have a stake in Rare - and the Starfox franchise is owned by Nintendo so Starfox Adventures can't appear on a rival format. The bit about the GC being Nintendo's last under the tv console was also rubbish - it's more of a success than the N64. I think the CVG journos need to rest.

The Rare story seems interesting, however, there is no way in gods name that Nintendo would let Activision buy them. Just think, who has got more money and how much money Rare is worth to Nintendo. Nintendo would pay a very high price, I don't think Activision have the financial backing to out bid Nintendo. I'm dismissing the article right now.

Oh please, don't make me laugh. I'm sick of all these damn rumors floating about, listen everybody, RARE AREN'T GOING MULTIPLATFORM! The fact that CVG posted this rumor and gave that opinion lessens their credibility, I only hope people aren't fooled into believing the rumor.

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