Rumour: An Embargo Broken?

A mysterious member of the press has apparently come forth with new and exciting information...

Were you left empty and disappointed after the Nintendo Media Summit, after expecting loads of new information? You weren't alone. But was there more than met the eye at the summit? Was there anything going on behind the scenes? A mysterious insider has arisen from the darkness to break an embargo on an Internet forum, bringing new information to light. We must stress that this is still a rumour and we are reporting it as a rumour, and none of the information can be classed as fact at the moment, but we'll bring you the latest information as we get it. But for now, treat this as a rumour.

The first scrap of information that the insider wrote was that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption would not feature online or local multiplayer, but instead would utilise WiiConnect24 to allow downloadable content such as new missions, suits and weapons, allowing the game to have a massive lifespan. This is apparently the reason behind the delays.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the next game whirring in the rumour mill. It supposedly has a release date on November 12th 2007, one currently playable level, a confirmed Wi-Fi mode and two control methods. "Classic" utilises the GameCube and/or Classic Controller, whilst "Brawl" requires the Remote and Nunchuk (and some motion controls). The Wii Remote apparently adds extra abilities and moves.

Super Mario Galaxy is apparently down for the 10th of December and now has co-op and WiiConnect24 functionality. Disaster: Day of Crisis is also said to be part of a series of Nintendo exclusive games now, out Q1 2008 and bearing puzzles that must be solved with the Wiimote. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. has supposedly been renamed to M-09 and may be out Q2 2008.

According to the 'insider', there was also a video montage of the following games and Wii Channels: Mario Kart Wii (Wi-Fi with motion controls), Animal Crossing (Wi-Fi), Vision Red (an original Nintendo RPG said to be similar to Final Fantasy VII), Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball, Wii Health Pack (involves use of Miis), Wii Music (Wi-Fi), Mii Popularity Channel (Miis have ranks and classifications), and the Demo Channel (people are shown downloading Virtual Console demos). Third party games were also allegedly shown.

The mysterious member of the press finishes his claims off with the description of a trailer for The Legend of Zelda Wii, which allegedly contains a darker, grittier and more realistic Link and cheesy taglines much like the trailer for Twilight Princess a few E3's ago.

And if you didn't pick up the message earlier: this article is purely rumour. For now it is fictional, and we will not know if any of the information is true until E3 in July or until Nintendo issue a response. Stay tuned to N-Europe for more developments.

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