Rumour: Starfox Adventures Multiplatform? <b>*</b>

In the EB/GAME GameCube Preorder pack there's a flip card momento with GC accessory and game info and a gamelist is featured. Rareware developed Starfox Adventures is listed. All GC-exclusive titles have an asterisk after them, however Starfox does not. Maybe Rare are going multiplatform after all?

I know that Starfox is supposedly a Nintendo franchise but with a few internet rumours doing the rounds and this it does seem a little suspicious. Maybe there is truth is the PS2 Starfox Adventures rumours . . .


Staff Opinions

Calm down everyone... this is a rumour and will never become reality! After all Nintendo owns the Starfox franchise.

The Starfox adventures PS2 rumours have been spreading like wildfire in the past few days. I consulted with Tim and decided that it would be ok to post the story on the site. I may have thought twice if I'd known to kind of feedback Cube Europe would receive. Some readers said that the story affected our credibility, and others reminded us (for the hundredth time) that Starfox is a Nintendo franchise. We pointed that out in the original article, but thought that we would post our views accordingly due to such a high interest in the ''rumours''.

A rumour is a rumour dog gammit! This hasnt been confirmed by anyone, but it has been a hot topic on forums around the web ever since the mysterious christmas card... Make what you like of it, but I seriously doubt that we'll see Rare stray from Nintendo...

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