Sakurai: Screenshots of 3DS version "look fine" but does not do the game justice

The Smash Bros. development team has been sending us daily pictures (during the weekdays) as a fun little bonus in the long run-up to the games release. Both versions have been shown through screenshots, and even though the 3DS version looks impressive, nothing can compare to the game running on the actual system itself.

Masahiro Sakurai: “And the same thing with the Wii U screen – since we’re an HD-compatible console, we’re able to do more details, and bigger stages as seen on previous home consoles. Now of course, I want to point out that everything on 3DS is designed for that screen, and that’s where they look the best. It’s unfortunate we can’t show everyone what it looks like on 3DS, rather than screenshots, while they do look fine, do not do that justice once you see it on the system. Too bad we can’t show everybody what it looks like on the system.”

If you're wondering how the picture of the day update began, then look no further. The director filled us in from his official Miiverse profile

Masahiro Sakurai: "The “pic of the day” originally started as a fun internal update for the people developing the game - we would put up a daily shot on our own corporate website. We soon decided that we wanted to share the fun with the general public, so that’s where we are today. Please keep in mind, though, that this is just meant to be a little bonus feature - we'll continue to release other information about the game on the website."

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