Sonic x Shadow Generations - Summer Game Fest Trailer

E3 sadly no longer exists, but in its place are a myriad of shows, such as Nintendo’s upcoming June Direct (of which we are still waiting on an official date), or in this case, the Summer Game Fest, an event hosted by Geoff Keighley, a highly renowned videogame journalist, highlighting some big third-party and indie games on the way to various systems.

One of the bigger reveals at the Summer Game Fest was a new trailer for the upcoming Sonic x Shadow Generations, a remaster of the fantastic Xbox 360 and PS3 Sonic Generations, with new content, new levels and of course, the addition of the titular Shadow the Hedgehog.


Stretch your legs in an all-new hub world inspired by the open-zone gameplay of Sonic Frontiers. As Shadow gains new powers, he can explore further and uncover the secrets hidden throughout!

Pictured above: Shadow’s hub world.

As with many of SEGA’s recent releases, you’ll be able to bag yourself some goodies if you pre-order the title:

Sonic x Shadow Generations will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on October 25th.

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