Standby dashes and slides onto the Switch

Something just wouldn't be right if a week passed and there wasn't at least some kind of interesting platformer launching on the Switch, it looks like Standby is here just in time to fill that void.

Brought to you by publisher HypeTrain Digital and developer Noclip, the intense action-focused platformer is launching on August 1st for £4.49 or £3.81 with a 15% discount for pre-ordering.

Check below for the details and a trailer...

STANDBY is easy to pick up but hard to master precise platformer. Challenge your reaction in this fast-paced game and get out of the glitched world. Enjoy smooth controls by dashing through the vibrant levels, crushing and overcoming all the obstacles on your way.

Slide, crush, dash and teleport through the levels!

You’ll never know what new mechanics will appear next!

54 Unique Levels!
Each will introduce you new mechanics on the go and will raise the bar for difficulty!

Precise controls!
Because great platformers come from great character movement!

Glitchy beats!
They will follow you along the way ‘till your great escape!

So you can become the fastest out of all and brag about it!

So, what do you think? Another platformer to potentially add to your pile of digital Switch releases? Or one for the sale?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or join in with the discussion on our forum.

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