Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble - Characters & Customisation Trailer

Another Fashion Dreamer update is her… wait, what? Oh, this is a Super Monkey Ball fashion update?! Okay, force of habit, let’s start again…

Another Super Monkey Ball game is nearly here, in the form of Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble!

As well as boasting all new levels and multiplayer options, this latest Super Monkey Ball title also lets you customise your monkeys with their own clothes and accessories!

Scroll down for the official word from SEGA and a look at some of the fashion on offer for your monkeys and their balls:

The gang’s all sphere!

Meet the vibrant cast of primates and decide whose special set of skills matches your playstyle! Make it personal and go bananas with over 300 clothing and accessories to style your monkey in the ripest fashion.

Launching exclusively onto Nintendo Switch June 25, 2024

Check out the trailer here.



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