Super Smash Bros. 3DS music composers revealed

As the countdown to Super Smash Bros. rumbles on, producer Masahiro Sakurai has shed some light on the rich selection of music to be featured in the 3DS version of the fighter.

Like previous Smash games, a veritable trove of tracks from all sorts of classic series will be part of the experience.

You'll also be able to create your own custom track-list to play in the background on the game's Smash Run mode. Perhaps even better, though, you'll be able to turn your 3DS into a portable Smash Bros. music player and play tracks from the music menu even whilst your system is in sleep mode.

Futhermore, Sakurai has also divulged an extensive list of composers who will be contributing to the music in the 3DS version. You can check out the list below, and you can also grab a sneaky listen of three tracks from the game at the official Smash Bros. website.


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