Tetris 99 Big Block DLC is out and GP 3 on the way

A double drop of Tetris-based news today, as Tetris 99 gets paid DLC in the form of Marathon mode and a one versus 99 CPU mode for the princely sum of £8.99. So if you want offline Tetris on the go on the Switch, this is what it will cost you.

There is also Grand Prix #3 which will arrive on 17/05/19 and will run until 20/05/19 which is in celebration of the 35th anniversary of Tetris on the Game Boy. Any player who scores 100 points during this online only event will unluck an exclusive Game Boy Tetris theme.

Check below for the original promo poster for the Grand Prix and a trailer for the DLC...


Do you have an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online? If so then have you dabbled in Tetris 99 yet in either online or offline mode? Will you be taking part in this latest event in order to try for that nostalgic Game Boy Tetris theme?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or join in with the discussion on our forum.

Additionally, if you're now feeling nostalgic for the original Tetris, it was one of our featured games in N-Europe's Top Ten Game Boy Games so why not see where it slotted into place.

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