The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak – Free Demo

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak launches next month on the Nintendo Switch, on July 5th.

You can get a taste for the game right now though, as a free demo is available to download and play from today on the Nintendo eShop!

Follow the spriggan known as Van Arkride as he takes on a case that will change the nation’s fate…as well as his own. Explore the vibrant Republic of Calvard while transitioning seamlessly between action field battles and turn-based combat in an all-new chapter of the legendary series.

The spriggan known as Van Arkride is an underground professional that accepts work from any client and acts as a detective, negotiator or bounty hunter with no allegiance. However, the course of his life will change forever when he takes on a strange case that threatens the entire nation. Slash your way through intense combat that springs to life with beautiful visuals, and craft your own gameplay experience in Calvard with features such as high-speed mode and a new alignment system!

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