The Super Mario Bros. Movie Success

The Super Mario Bros. Movie initially received mixed opinions from critics, with the average score hovering around 50%, but since its release the audience score has remained in the high 90’s, with fans of the series and casual movie goers alike praising the high-octane action.

Filled to the brim with references and Easter eggs, the Super Mario Bros. Movie was always set to set fans into a frenzy, especially with careful direction from series creator Shigeru Miyamoto, but it seems everyone has been enjoying the film, as it has already gained massive success, including the best opening day ever for an animated movie in the UK.

In Mexico, it was the second best opening for an animated movie ever, just behind Toy Story 4, and Universal’s biggest ever opening. In France it enjoyed the title of best opening for an Illumination film, and in China is the biggest opening since the outbreak of Covid-19.

On its first day, it broke records in 11 countries, and this is for a mid-week opening, so it will be especially interesting to see how it fares over the busy Easter weekend.

It’s not just the film itself that has been enjoying success, Jack Blacks hilarious and powerful song “Peaches” from the film, performed as Bowser, has entered the iTunes Top 100 and is still climbing as we speak (as I write?).

The film has been in the works since 2013, and the collaboration between Illumination and Nintendo has been very close-knit, ensuring the film is faithful to the series and something the fans can enjoy, as oppose to the far less successful 90’s outing.

Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri has claimed that Nintendo have asked him to join their board of directors, and Miyamoto seems equally as impressed with the project, having this to say:

‘There’s nothing we can share now. But I’m sure we will continue working on this partnership.’

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