Ufouria: The Saga 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch

A sequel to Sunsoft’s NES classic, Uforia: The Saga, releases on March 1st!

Uforia: The Saga 2 seems to be half remake, half sequel to the obscure but beloved Uforia: The Saga from Sunsoft, which was a platformer released in Japan and Europe in the early 90’s (pictured below).

A European oddity, never released in America.

This long awaited sequel ditches the earlier pixel graphics for an adorable, almost clay-like look.

Scroll down for the official word on this oddity and the trailer!

Upyo! How's everyone been?

SUNSOFT's Ufouria is back!

- An authentic evolution of the original ""Ufouria""!

Rampage through the fluffy feltwork arts-and-crafts recreation of the world of Ufouria, with your trusty crew from the original game in this exploration-based action side-scroller. Of course, newcomers to Ufouria are welcome too!

- Adventure in the lovingly crafted wacky world of Ufouria!

Familar characters and stages of the original game are back, transformed from their formal pixel art to charming handmade feltwork. Iron bead artwork also plays homage to the nostalgic pixelated look of the original.

Look for all the similarities and differences if you've played the original!

- Different courses each time you play!

The various stages from the original game now change randomly every time your enter, making for a fresh new challenge each time! New characters joining your crew let you reach more areas, even ones that weren't in the original game at all!

- Popoons are now a super powerful cleaning agent!

A new threat...the icky Bumyon makes an appearance! The troublesome Bumyon sticks to everything and everyone and is quite the annoyance, but Hebe and crews can counteract them perfectly with their Popoons. Clean up the Bumyons that litter the planet and thwart the Utsujin's evil plans!

*Visit the never before seen Hebe's house!

*Meet rare characters that were only ever seen before in Ufouria art books!

*A Collection feature lets you read up on enemies and their backgrounds!

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