<i>Updated</i>: Dragon Ball Z to GC and GBA

UPDATED: - 2nd February 2002

Yet another update! We now have some gameplay and storyline details on the GBA game - The Legacy Of Goku. Infogrames are putting a lot of effort into keeeping the games closely intact with the anime story line.

GBA: - You will start the game as young Goku (as seen in the original Dragon Ball), aiming to collect all the dragonballs. As the games progresses, it continues through the Saiyan, Namek, and Frieza DBZ sagas, thus also leading us to believe that the "trilogy" we reported (see the 30th February Update below) will co on to cover the Android, Cell, Cell Games and Buu sagas.

As many have hoped for, the games many battles will take place in real-time (ala Zelda) and Goku will be able to use his many special Ki abilities, including the famed KameHameHa attack! As Goku gains experience from his many battles, his HP and Power Level will increase, unlocking many more fighting abilities along the way. The game also features a digital soundtrack, only accessible to users who hook their GBA up to a surround-sound audio system! This should keep fans happy!

GameCube: - We now have some character models and a screen of the Next-Gen Dragon Ball Z titles. It is not known from which of the Next-Gen consoles they are from, but they should provide some idea of what we can expect. Keep in mind that none of the next-gen games will be the same. Just how they are to differ is not yet known, but for instance - the PS2 title will have some online elements, whilst the GameCube will be able to link up with the GBA game.

The games are gonna be great, and Infogrames are putting a lot of woek into them. But for now enjoy these few models, and screen and dont forget the GBA screens a bit further down the page!

Click the links to see the Next-Gen character models...

Goku 1 | Goku 2 | Android 18 | Cell | Frieza

UPDATED: - 1st February 2002

Here we have 10 very revealing screenshots of The Legacy Of Goku. Do these screens contain any information that might lead to what we can expect from the GameCube game? If not, then do these screens reveal anything about the link up to the GameCube game?

All these questions will be answered in time, but for now look carefully at the screens. It can be seen that the game spans accross at least two saga's - the Saiyan saga, and the Frieza saga. Can we expect to see the same from it's GameCube cousin? Keep in mind that the GBA and GC games will not be the same... And enjoy the screens!

Thanks to RuliWeb for the scans! And allow time for these babies to load...

Paul Rinde, Senior Vice President of Infogrames, shared some details to GamePro magazine of their upcoming games for all next-gen consoles. Most interesting though, is that none of the consoles will get the same game!

Two games are headed to the GBA - The Legacy of Goku and the Collectible Card Game. The Legacy Of Goku is a single player RPG/Fighting game which will hit US shelves in May. "We're trying to stay really true to the license and produce something that fans will be extremely pleased with," said Rinde. Rinde also stated that two more RPG games for the GBA were in development and will be released over the next 2-3 years, aiming at a trilogy.

Rinde also shared plans of the GameCube game, set for release sometime during 2003. "The GameCube game will be a much bigger, enriched product that any of the GBA series', and it will also enhance the gameplay of the GBA games," Rinde described. The unnamed GameCube title will also be a single player RPG/Fighting game, allowing you to play over 30 DBZ characters!

Perhaps most interesting of all is the fact that the GameCube will be able to link with the GBA game. Rinde went on to inform that transferring information from the Cube to the GBA version will greatly enhance the gameplay in the GBA games.

The games are set to be killer titles, and will bring great hapiness to fans of the anime. However, being RPG's the games should also appeal to older gamers. Whatever floats your boat i guess, but the game sounds great to me!

More as we have it on this exciting development.

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