Watch 25 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X footage

Xenoblade Chronicles X has a lot to live up to following just how much its predecessor blew us away with its expansive world, but Monolith Soft may well have outdone itself again if today's footage is anything to go by.

Viewers in Japan were earlier treated to a brand new Xenoblade Chronicles X themed 'Direct', which gave a comprehensive look at the game's world. You can view it in its full glory below.

It's all in Japanese (obviously) but it covers the basic plot details that were already known. The game is set around New Los Angeles - a human colony which crash-landed on the planet Mira after a brutal war forced humanity to flee into the stars. You'll get to explore the planet, and discover the alien wonders that Mira holds across its vast landscapes.

The developers have stated that the full world is around five times bigger than the already-humongous world we experienced in Xenoblade, so luckily players will have the option to travel via the ultra cool method of massive mech robot thing. We also hear the game will feature some online multiplayer options.

Xenoblade Chronicles X releases in Japan on April 29th. It is due out worldwide later in the year.

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