Wave Race 64 Makes a Splash on Nintendo Switch

The NSO N64 app has blessed us over the past year with many 90's classics, but one glaring omission was the totally radical and bodacious Wave Race 64!

This iconic racer was ahead of the curve with its impressive water physics that sent your Kawasaki Jet Ski bouncing up across the sea, and tasked you not just with typical racing gameplay of remaining in first place while navigating the tracks, but with wrangling control of your vehicle, amidst crazy weather and relentless waves.

Mastering the controls is part of the charm of the game, and when you perfect those tight corners, using the waves to your advantage in order to go careening over an obstacle, you'll feel as though it's 1996 all over again, as that whiff of salty sea air comes rushing back. Wait, the smell of salty sea air? Or the scent of fizzy pop and snacks along with the musk of a rented Blockbuster N64 cart?

Unlike the Wii VC re-release, which saw Nintendo DS and Wii banners adorned across the tracks, the original and iconic advertising from Kawasaki Jet Ski makes a triumphant return, and is much welcomed, as Wave Race and Kawasaki go together like Monkey Ball and Dole bananas.

Will you be racing online with your friends this Summer? Wave Race 64 is available on NSO now, upscaled in HD and playable online! Unlock that secret dolphin, and hit those waves!

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