Wildfrost Launches April 12th

Take on the elements in Wildfrost, a tactical roguelike deckbuilder! Journey across a frozen tundra, collecting cards strong enough to banish the eternal winter.

Wildfrost is available on the Nintendo eShop from April 12th, or you can try a demo right now for free.

The sun has frozen over, succumbing to the Wildfrost. The town of Snowdwell and its survivors stand as the last bastion against an eternal winter... Build up a deck of powerful card companions and elemental items, as you battle to reach the Sun Temple and banish the frost once and for all!

  • Perfect your card battling skills and craft a deck unique to you, as you journey across an unforgiving frosty landscape.
  • Collect and upgrade card companions, ready to withstand waves of deceptively cute Pengoons, Gobblers and brutish boss monsters.
  • Plan ahead in battles with the help of a dynamic counter system to map out your next move and fend off frosty foes.
  • Upgrade and customise your favourite companions with wobbly charms to enhance their powers.
  • Take shelter in the town of Snowdwell between runs, constructing buildings to unlock new cards, tribes, events and more to aid in your fight against the everlasting frost.
  • Test your skills with daily runs and challenges, creating endless replayability!

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